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The science behind Bamboo Bedding

Moonava bamboo sheets are engineered through a process called Lyocell.

Certified farmers harvest organic Bamboo, then cut it into small pieces and soak the bamboo pieces in a solution using a closed loop process (99% of the liquid is recycled).

We cautiously select a superior combination of threads to weave our exclusive 100% organic bamboo bed sheets to be able to precisely marry durability with superb comfort; creating the softest, coziest, most luxurious sleep experience you’ve ever had.

In bamboo, you can trust!

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The Environmental impact

Bamboo plants and bamboo linen have many benefits for our health but also our planet, especially compared to other material. Knowing that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after petrol, we owe it to ourselves to use sustainable alternatives over the more conventional industry actors – such as cotton, polyester or microfiber.

Bamboo helps to keep our freshwater supplies clean, purify the air we breathe, combat growing soil erosion and continues to benefit the entire ecosystem it creates.

That extra peace of mind for a peaceful sleep.

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