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Size Guide

All of our bedding ranges are generously sized to fit even the most luxurious of mattresses. The following guide is designed to help you choose which size is best for your bedroom. To guarantee the most optimal fit, we recommend you to compare with your own bed.

Laundry Instructions

The Moonava 100% organic bamboo linen range is very eco-friendly and also likes to be treated as such.


Bamboo fabric is durable and can be machine washed on most settings without a worry.
Our gorgeous sheets prefer cold wash or up to a temperature of 60⁰. Just remember not to use any bleach nor fabric softener - they are already soft enough!


Although hang line is preferred, a gentle medium heat tumble dry is fine. Try not to have sharp items mixed with Moonava sheets to avoid any scratches and tear.


Ideally, if you remove the sheets immediately after dryer is finished, you would not need ironing. The dryer will naturally eliminate all wrinkles. If you wish, you can also iron them gently in low heat.